søndag den 7. september 2008

Since the TGK. H. Hasanoel Bashry lead MUDIMESRA ISlamic School, the student here more and more grow. The significant developmant accordingly the age developmant. beside that the student that learning at that Islamic Religion Bording School also climb, until reach 2.193 people, which have divice of two part, male student and female student, respective 1.462 of the male student and 731 female student.

MUDIMESRA take the way and the method of teaching and education from Ibtidaiyyah (Basic Class), Tsanawiyyah (Middle class), Aliyyah (High Class), and Takhasus (higest Class) which take the respective education time for two year.

Whereas that have relationship by preceptor curriculum more outweigh accentuate to Tafsir (interpretation), Hadist, Usul fiqh, Qalam, Dakwah and the other Theory taht have the relation with necessary, life cleverness and expansion in society.

The student activity out side studying and teaching or extracuricullum the student get the course and craftsmanship like the computer course, type, needlework, embroidery and the other, beside that also teached the english language and arabic language. for know about the health and deases problem, the religion boarding school also make the link or collaborate with puskesmas, in DBD exterminate and diarrhea and line of duty in each of villge. MuDIMESRA religion boarding school also make the collaborate in economic part at form of Cooperation with named Kopantren Al-Barkah at 1982 that astir in garner and loan, waserda and Cafetaria. MUDIMESRA also take the making for preppy (alumnus), so the basic pesantren have the relation with the mother (main). The alumnus of mudimesra that founded at 1900 have continuous to abroad, and also many of them have worked at govermant division.

infact except of that also have many of alumnus MUDIMESRA open or built it self religion boarding school as the brach. if calculted, until now more of 159 pesantren that spread in aceh or out side of acheh. Thereform indirectly alumnus or preppy of this pesantren which founded at 1900 created generations useful for race or nation. some of them (alumnus of mudimesra) whom success in establish the pesantren is TGk. H. Usman Ali or ordinarily called by Tgk. H. Kuta krueng. He have capabled for divide his religion knowledge that get in MUDIMESRA by establish a Religion Boarding School that named by Darul Munawarah that founded in a village named by kuta jrueng, Bandar Dua subdistrict, pidie. Darul Huda Religion Boarding School built in a village named by lueng angen, Tanoh Jambo ayee subdistrict, north aceh by Tgk. H. Muhammad Daud Ahmad, and then Tgk. H. Ibrahim Bardan or which welknow by Abu Panton officiated Pesantren Malikussaleh at Rawa Itek Village, Panton Labu, north aceh and also Tgk. H. Nuruzzahri or welknow by waled nu have built a Religion boarding school that named by Ummul Ayman in Gampong Putoh, Subdustrict of Samalanga
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